Matt Schuchhardt

My name is Matt Schuchhardt, a graduate student at Northwestern University in Computer Engineering, with a focus on Computer Architecture. I grew up in Neenah, WI, and went to Valparaiso University for my undergraduate schooling, where I obtained my BS in Computer Engineering. The research group that I am in argues that the actual computer user isn't considered in the computer design process.

By monitoring various biological traits of the user (such as temperature, pupil dilation, heart rate, etc.), we hope to collect information about the user which can be used to improve their computing experience. For example, if we can tell (via sensors) that the user is very happy with how a laptop is running, maybe the speed at which the processor is running can be reduced, which would improve the battery life of the computer (but not to the point where the user gets annoyed). Conversely, if the user seems to be annoyed with how the computer is running, the processor speed could be increased to attempt to make the user happier.