Daniel Sinkovits

My name is Daniel Sinkovits.  This is the last year of my PhD in physics.  I bcame interested in science from a young age in my hometown of Crystal Lake, Illinois.  I went to Washington University for college, majoring in physics and mathematics and minoring in linguistics.  After that, I started my PhD at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  My advisor was hired by Northwestern University, so I moved to Evanston last year to finish my degree.  

My area of research is soft matter, which is the study of materials that are literally soft, including colloids, liquid crystals, plastics, and biological systems. I perform computer simulations to investigate how nano-sized particles with different interactions can assemble to form materials of different structures and properties.  I also spend time thinking of new simulation algorithms and program them in C++.  

Outside of work, I enjoy dancing in dancing: tango, swing, and salsa. I also love linguistics, especially writing systems, phonology, and prosody; and languages, particularly Chinese, which I've had three years of study.