Scott Mayle

Tour of Physics and Astronomy, April 30 and May 3, 2012—Scott Mayle

On April 30 and May 3 the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Northwestern University opened its doors to approximately 50 junior and senior high schools students from Niles West High School. Niles West High School is a partner on Northwestern University's Reach for the Stars program.

While touring the Department of Physics and Astronomy, Niles West students visited numerous labs including Dr. Venhat Chandrasekhar's Mesoscopic Physics Group where GK-12 fellow, Scott Mayle, conducts his research. Mr. Mayle has been working at Niles West this academic year with physics teacher, Elizabeth Ramsyer, and this trip was a great opportunity for the students to experience real, authentic research in a university setting. Students also toured Dr. Giles Novak's lab where they learned about electromagnetic fields and the development of astrophysical instrumentation. Dearborn Observatory was a bit hit among the students, as they were able to observe the sun through the telescope.