Kristin Labby

Tour of Silverman Hall, April 26 and 27—Kristin Labby

On April 26 and 27 Silverman Hall opened its doors to approximately 100 6th and 7th graders from The Nettelhorst School, a CPS Magnet School and partner on Northwestern University's Reach for the Stars program.

While touring Silverman Hall, Nettelhorst students were introduced to medicinal chemistry by Professor Richard B. Silverman and his research group. Kristin Labby, one of Professor Silverman's PhD students, is a Reach for the Stars fellow. Ms. Labby and the Silverman Research Group organized several hands-on labs and demos for the students in both chromatography and the testing of potential medicine molecules. The students were also 'wowed' by the Center for Advanced Molecular Imaging (CAMI), directed by Dr. Thomas Meade, which provides new imaging technologies for researchers. This facility is focused on providing multi-modal analysis of biological systems from the single cell to the whole animal. The students were able to see in 3D the nNOS protein structure that Ms. Labby and the Silverman Group studies!